Custom Paintings

 I can create a painting to fit the decor of your home, office, or using a loved ones favorite colors. I can also work to a company's colors. Tell me what size you want, and what colors to include, And I will create a piece within those parameters. The price would depend on the size, for example a 12 inch by 24 inch framed painting would be about $50 plus shipping, while a 2 foot by 3 foot would be about $300 plus shipping. Prices would also depend on the number of main colors. A 10% deposit could start the process. Click here to e-mail me for particulars.

  Together we choose the colors, but the laws of physics, and the paint, decides where to land.

 Below are a couple of examples I have created, where the color was significant to the future recipient. I hope they don't mind my using them as examples of my work.

 Click on either of the paintings to see a larger view, use your back or close (depending on your browser) button to return to this page. Note the heavy texturing, which allows varying light to have an effect.

Pathways The Wedding
This piece was created for someone whose favorite color is Magenta as the main color, with its complement Aqua. It is aproximately 34" wide by 25" tall. I call it "Pathways" because it signifies the multiple paths we can take in out life. This piece was created for a couples wedding. Their favorite colors were "Red" and "Purple". I used both with a touch of "Gold" because they were getting married. The frame uses both colors, not split down the middle, because life is not split down the middle, it is a compromise, with both sides giving some. Thus I called this painting "The Wedding".

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