Gallery of Medium Sized Paintings

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Painting Shades of Blue and Orange Night Vision Cream no Sugar
Size 28" x 22"28" x 22"30" x 35"
Name Shades of Blue and Orange A032Night Vision A033 Cream no Sugar A074
Price $250$250$250

Painting Blue on Gold Aqua Yellow, Blue, and Red
Name Blue on Gold A007Aqua A024Yellow, Blue and Red A029
Size 20" x 16"20" x 16"16" x 20"
Price $120$120"$120"

Painting Asteroids Shades of Blue Rain of Fire
Name Asteroids A002Shades of Blue A009Rain of Fire A045 Clear -- acrylic Sheet painted on both sides
Size 18" x 24"16" x 20"22: x 28"
Price $175$120"$250

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