Gallery of Small Paintings

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Painting A234 A256 A101
Name Yello on Red A234Solar Storm A256 GWRed on Red A101
Size 15" by 12"11" x 14"16" by 13"
Price $55$30"$35

Painting A108
Name Purple Sqiggles A108
Size 11" by 14"
Price $30

Painting A135 A306 A299
Name Blue & Gold A135Blue w/Gold A306 PMRed & Gold A299
Size 9" by 11"11" by 14"11" by 14"
Price $20$40"$35

Painting A260 A165
Name Orange and Blue A260 GWSigns of Living in Blue A165
Size 14" by 11"14" by 17"
Price $30"$30

Painting A280 A296
Name Blue on Yellow A280Gold on Green A296 GW
Size 11" by 14"11" by 14"
Price $35"$35

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