Why Linen Quality Matters

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Does linen quality really matter? For many business owners, linens are just that: linens. They do not prioritize the quality of the linens and instead focus mainly on how to save big bucks even if it means getting something of poorer quality.

But here’s the thing: linen quality matters in more ways than just saving on a couple of bucks – and we’ll tell you why.

1. Better quality linens are more cost-efficient.

The quality of your linens determines how far your linen budget goes. Lower-quality linens may give you immediate savings upon purchase but because of their poor manufacturing they will need repairs and replacements more frequently. Higher-quality linens have more years in them and can withstand more washings than their lower-quality alternatives, saving you more money in the long-term and saving you from the headache of constant disappointment.

2. They make your customers happier.

Let’s face it: quality does not come cheap, and neither does customer satisfaction. Your linens are an immense part of your customer’s experience – whether you’re running a spa, a hotel, or a restaurant. Better linens make for a better, more lasting impression – and that impression is that of a business that cares about their customers’ needs and comfort. When you opt for better-quality linens, you are really investing in your customers, their satisfaction, and their likelihood of staying with your brand.

3. They help improve your brand’s image.

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Linens may seem secondary to the main service that you are offering but customers perceive more than you think they do. The choices you make on these “small” items affect how your customers see your brand, and better-quality linens are always a sign of attention to detail, of picking quality and excellence over mediocrity. What kind of image do your linens paint of your brand?

The Linen Quality You Deserve

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The great news is that better-quality linens do not have to be costly or impossible to find. You just need a linen service partner that knows, understands, and offers quality products and services. You need a linen service partner as reliable and as experienced as CTC!

CTC is a full-service linen and uniform service company that knows the ins and outs of linens. We know quality linens when we see them.

CTC has over a century of expert experience in the industry. Trust us: we know our linens.

If it’s quality linen you’re looking for, CTC has it all! Contact us today to learn more about our services and explore our product options!

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