About the Artist

  I was born at an early age, just one year before my first birthday. Actually, it was August, 1945, and World War II ended the next day. So technically I am NOT of the Baby Boomer Generation. I was named Clarence Blenk, but by the time I was a year old I was called Chipper, which I have shortened to Chip. I grew up in Eden, New York.

  Most of my life was in the technical world. After high school, I earned an Associate Degree in Construction Technology, and started working in the Engineering Department of a chemical plant.

  In 1966 I was drafted into the Marine Corp, where I attained the rank of Sargeant. After the Marines, I went back to school and earned my Bachelors in Architectural Engineering.

  Much of my working life was in the administration of a maintenance department of a large manufacturing plant, in Buffalo, New York. I was involved in tracking several hundred Skilled Trades associates, and their Supervisors, their vacations, overtime, training, etc. I designed and wrote the computer routines utilized. Thus I had to maintain a highly technical and detailed work ethic.

  After retiring, I started playing with painting. And developed a style and technique of my own. I work primarily on Canvas, Canvas board, Hardboard, Plywood, Plexiglas, or Acrylic sheet. I develop a strong texture with heavy acrylic paint or acrylic caulking, as my mood dictates. I then add background color, or colors, sometimes in a pattern. I use a large spatula to project the paint on to the board. As I like to describe it, I choose the color, but the color chooses where to land. I have recently started experimenting with a self leveling clear gel and assorted pigments.

  My concept of Abstract Art evolves around colors. I work with shades of a color or complements of a color. I DO NOT try for a particular look. After the painting dries I look at it for a few days turning it 90 degrees occasionally to see what it says. Sometimes, a painting immediately is seen to reflect a particular scene, such as the ocean, or forest. I let the painting define what it is, what it appears to be.

  Not everyone sees the same thing in a piece of abstract art. The heavy texture adds the potential to change in appearance as the lighting changes.

  As for the Plexiglas or acrylic sheet, I paint on both sides, sometimes framing the result. I have also cut pieces of large clear tubing, forming them into a sculpture.

My main goal in creating my art is to have fun, and let the paint fly!

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